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WP Fusion is a WordPress plugin that connects what happens on your website to your CRM. Using WP Fusion you can build a membership site, keep your customers’ information in sync, capture new leads, record eCommerce transactions, and much more.

= v3.38.34 – 1/18/2022 =
* Added Easy Digital Downloads Chekout Fields Manager integration
* Added support for syncing user profile data from [Advanced Custom Fields flexible content fields](https://wpfusion.com/documentation/other/advanced-custom-fields/#repeaters-and-flexible-content)
* Added [Apply Tags – Pending option](https://wpfusion.com/documentation/membership/memberpress/#tagging) to MemberPress integration
* Added [Link with Tag functionality](https://wpfusion.com/documentation/learning-management/learnpress/) to LearnPress integration
* Added View In CRM link to the user action links on the All Users list in the admin
* Improved – Auto login will set a cookie `wordpress_logged_in_wpfusioncachebuster` which should bypass caching on most configurations
* Improved – If the full WP Fusion is activated, the WP Fusion Lite plugin will be automatically deactivated
* Improved – Removed some redundant data in the logs when HTTP API logging is enabled
* Improved – HTTP API logging will now show JSON-decoded request and response bodies where applicable
* Improved error handling with ActiveCampaign Deep Data
* Improved HubSpot error handling
* Fixed Active lists not showing up as options in the Select A List dropdown for the Import Users tool with HubSpot
* Fixed If-Menu integration not working with CRMs that use tag categories
* Fixed Required Tags (all) and Required Tags (not) settings displaying on admin mennu editor even when User Menus was inactive
* Fixed parse error in ActiveCampaign integration with PHP 7.2

= v3.38.33 – 1/10/2021 =
* Added [User Menus integration](https://wpfusion.com/documentation/tutorials/menu-item-visibility/#advanced-usage)
* Added Status section to WP Fusion settings with status and debug information about the plugin
* Added support for Group and [Repeater fields with Advanced Custom Fields](https://wpfusion.com/documentation/other/advanced-custom-fields/#repeaters)
* Added notice to HubSpot integration about enabling marketing contacts for the WP Fusion app
* Improved – ActiveCampaign integration now fully uses the WordPress HTTP API instead of the ActiveCampaign PHP SDK
* Improved – HTML tags will be removed when exporting the activity logs to .csv
* Improved – When resetting the main settings page, the cached contact IDs and tags will be deleted for all users (this fixes “Invalid contact ID” errors when switching between CRM accounts)
* Fixed Quiz Failed tags not being applied since LearnDash 3.6.0
* Fixed taxonomy term protections not working since 3.38.32
* Fixed fatal error loading the `role` field with an array value (now the first array value will be used as the role)
* Fixed ActiveCampaign multiselect fields loaded as text being prepended/appended by ||
* Fixed missing scope `crm.lists.write` with HubSpot (prevented adding contacts to static lists for OAuth apps connected after December 15th 2021)

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