How to write your first review?

The best reviews are passionate and personal. They offer a rich narrative, a wealth of detail, and a helpful tip or two for other consumers. 

Think about your recent experience at a business – could you put details in there that would help future consumers like you?  

– Try detailing your favorite (or least favorite) doctor office.
– Talk about an experience that will keep you coming back (or staying away) for years to come.
– Highlight an employee who went the extra mile to make your experience memorable.
– Include tips about the best time to arrive, where to park, or where the best Doctor. 
– Describe why you’ll be using this service (Doctor, hospital, clinic, etc.) again for your next project. 
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How to write a great business description for social media and review sites?

No one will take the time to read paragraphs and paragraphs about your business, and most social platforms and sites limit your bio to 150-250 characters. Clear, compelling writing that grabs the reader’s attention right away is essential. 
Start with the basics—in the first sentence or two, mention these key elements:
What you’re best known for
Where you’re located
How you fit into your industry and/or community
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How to get started on Adoctor?

Once you’ve claimed your business, you can get started on Adoctor to attract new, high-intent customers by building your Adoctor Business Page , so let’s make sure you’re as visible as possible when they search for businesses like yours.

– Update your business information
– Add photos of your business
– Connect with customers
– Respond to reviews

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How do I claim a business page?

The easiest way to claim your business page is to search for it at 
We’ll walk you through all the steps to claim your page and set up your business account if you start there.

If there is no option to claim the page:
It may have already been claimed by someone else
The business page may be recently submitted and pending approval
Suppose you cannot claim your Business using phone verification. In that case, you’ll receive a prompt to submit a report to our Support team, which will include information about your Business and the time of the attempt our support team can use to assist you.
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How to add a business to adoctor?

Do a search on for the business. Confirm that a listing does not already exist, and then select “Add A Listing.” Provide as much information about the company—exact name, address (if applicable), hours, and website. All submitted business details must be verified by Adoctor moderators who check several sources to confirm the business information. The more information you provide when adding a Listing to Adoctor, the faster it will be approved and appear in search results. This typically takes two business days or less.
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What kinds of businesses are eligible for Adoctor?

Any businesses that fit under the health-care category are eligible for adoctor, You can read more about Ineligible businesses 

Why isn’t the business page I added appearing when I search for it?

When you add a business to Adoctor, it has to be evaluated by our moderators before it appears in search results. If you added a business recently but you can’t find it in search, it’s likely that it still has to be evaluated – please don’t submit the same business multiple times.
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Why can’t some business pages be claimed?

If your business page doesn’t have the Is this your business? or the Work here? Claim this business link, then: The business page may have recently been submitted and is still pending approval The business page may have already been claimed by one of your colleagues We can add additional users to an existing business account with the consent of the person who initially claimed it. However, we can’t share the name of the person who has already claimed the account due to privacy concerns, so if you don’t know who claimed this page, you’ll need to pursue the matter internally to find out.
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